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Hair Care

Hair supporting system that makes your hair natural, healthy and beautiful by improving quality of hair itself


The product is for basic hair cleansing and available in various types according to hair types. All shampoo products are slightly

acid which is ideal for all types of hair.

• Moisturizing shampoo for damaged hair

• For curled hair

• For dyed hair

• Cool shampoo

• Sulfate free shampoo

Rinse / Treatment

• Daily care

• Intensive care for damaged hair

Hair Essence

Help hair stay healthy or recover damaged hair

Oil type -  Make glossy and shiny looking by coating hair

Liquid type - Simply spray on hair to provide nutrition to hair and scalp or to boost hair volume

Lotion type -  Prevent electrostatic phenomena and help hair styling by providing oil and moisture to hair

Protein type -  Provide a protein which is a key element of hair to improve quality of hair itself.

                       It is used as post or pre procedure treatment in    hair shop.

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