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Hair Color

Hair coloring system includes an acid color that provides a variety of clear colors to select, and

a hairdye with diverse colors that makes hair look elegant and beautiful, changing hair colors

you want.

Coating Color

Representative acid color that gives clear color and glossiness has been loved for ages

• With Know-How accumulated over the past twenty years, we can produce hair dye in all ranges of colors which has high performance in        hair coloring.

• Allergy and damage free clear coloring

• High elasticity by coating thin and weak hair

Mix Color

The color is designed to be used together with perming and straightening agents, allowing coloring, and perming/straightening at the same time.

• Save time as perming and coloring can be done at the same time.

• Natural coloring without allergenic reaction

Hair Manicure

The product is an acid color that can make your hair to be dyed and softened at the same time, and fade-proof.

• Give silky softness and various colors to hair

• Cover grey hair without allergenic reaction and it will hardly fade.

Speed Hair Color

3 to 7 minutes hairdye that perfectly covers a gray or white hair

• We can provide diverse types of product such as cream or shake-and-mix type in accordance

   with  the customer needs.



Speedy and Mild

7 minutes are enough to complete gray coverage.

Easy and Handy

Gentle non-drip formula is easy to apply.

Aloe vera & Vitamin E result in healthy silky soft hair.

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