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Perm & Straightener

Professional system that improves flexibility of the hair design by providing rich and elastic curls and straight style with an unforgettable

glossiness and a beauty

Permanent Wave

The product gives beautiful and elastic curls.

Clear gel type and lotion type are available.

Thio perm   The product is generally applied to healthy and normal hair,      

   and provides elastic curls within short period of time.

Cysteine perm   The product is suit for normal or damaged hair.      

   High quality cysteine gives natural curls.

Multi perm   The product is for multi perm including a heating perm      

   and a general perm.

Setting perm   High performance professional perming agent for both      

   heating perm (Setting perm, digital perm, and iron perm), and general perm


Straightener For magic straight and volume magic straight procedures, the straightener gives a highly visible effect of straightening with a minimum damage of hair and makes your hair elastic, silky, and glossy.

• Emollient effect leads to fast softening and brilliant straightening effect.

• Classified by curl and damage of hair  

             - Super hard type for tight curl pattern

             - Hard type for general curl type

             - Soft type for damaged hair

• User can select one from the following two types:

             - Cream type: for soft looking style

             - Liquid type: for easier and simpler application and procedure

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